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Huryfox 580PCS Heat Shrink Tubing Wire Assortment Kit with Case, Multi-colors, 11 Sizes

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Why choose the Huryfox heat shrink tubing? 1. Our heat shrink tube is made of high-quality thick EVA material, which can provide strong protection for your wires and cables. While offering the features of a larger range of operation temperature (-55°C to + 125°C), VW-1 fire resistance, 600V voltage resistance, no leakage, and water resistance to ensure it’s safe to use. 2. Our heat shrink tubing can work well with all types of heat dryers, lighter or hot air dryers, 1/2 shrinkage ratio, wraps on wires with all shapes closely and firmly. With the advantages of not easily breaking or deforming, long-lasting, durable, and fast-shrinking, it will be your good helper on electric works. 3. Wide Application: Our multi-color heat shrink sleeving can support you on electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints, daily repairs, etc. It can effectively extend the serving life of wires and cables.

[Package Included] 

1 storage case;

580 pieces heat shrink tubings with specification of:

  • 80pcs 1.0 x 38mm (Black) 
  • 80pcs 1.5 x 38mm (Yellow)
  • 50pcs 2.0 x 38mm (Blue/Black)
  • 30pcs 2.5 x 38mm (Black)
  • 30pcs 3.0 x 38mm (Green/Clear)
  • 30pcs 3.5 x 38mm (Black) 
  • 40pcs 4.0 x 45mm (Black)
  • 30pcs 4.0 x 45mm (Red) 
  • 30pcs 5.0 x 45mm (Black) 
  • 20pcs 6.0 x 45mm (Yellow)
  • 20pcs 8.0 x 45mm (Red)
  • 20pcs 10.0 x 45mm (Blue/Black/Clear)