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Huryfox Corner Shower Caddy, 3-Pack Adhesive Shower Shelf with Soap Dish and Hook, Stainless Steel Wall Mount Bathroom Shower Organizer (Black)

Adhesive Bathroom Basket Organizer with Soap Holder,Storage Rack Wall Mounted for Bathtub Shower Kitchen

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Corner shower caddy White
Corner shower caddy Black
  • Product details

     Huryfox Corner Shower Caddy Shower Organizers are made of thick metal, which is strong and durable, will not deform, is waterproof, and is mildew-proof. The load-bearing capacity is up to 11 lbs, you can use them for years. Storage Expert - This storage set comes with 2 black corner shelves and 1 black soap dish. Takes up minimal space and provides maximum storage capacity. It is suitable for the bathroom, shower room, kitchen, or outdoors, please note that the corner shelf can only be used for 90-degree right-angle corners, not for corners with arcs. 

    2 Mounting Options - When used for smooth walls such as tile and glass walls, you can install them with sticky hooks. If it is used on rough or uneven walls, it can be installed with expansion screws. All accessories are included.

    • [ Save Your Space ] These bathroom shelves are designed for organizing your space, ideal for storing your shampoo, body wash, cream, soap, and more. Keep your daily bathroom products clean and neat. 
    • [ Easy to Install ] There are installation instructions in our product package, which is easy to operate and can be easily installed in five minutes.
    • [ A Must-Have Organizer]  Except for the shower room and bathroom, our shelves are also fit for use in the kitchen, college dorm room, and living room to store and organize your daily utensils.
    • [Package Information] 2 Bathroom Shelves, size: 10.6x4.9x 2.2 inches (27x12.5x5.5cm) / 10x4.5x2.2 inches (25.5x11.5zx5.5cm); 1 Soap Dish, size: 5.3x4.3 inches (13.5x11cm).Accessories Pack: Small towel hooks X 4; Adhesive hooks X6 (size: 5.5x2.3 inches.) Expansion screws X 6 (For installing with a power drill).
    • [Color] Black
    Installation Options for All Types of Walls: If installing on smooth and even walls, we recommend using no-drilling adhesive hooks:
      1.  Make sure the place you want to install it is at a 90˚right angle, wipe the surface, and make sure there's no dust, water, or oil left on it. 
      2. Clamp one sticky hook on each side of the rack and place the shelf where you want to install it to measure the correct position. You can use a pencil to make a mark along the edge of the sticky hooks. 
      3. Take off the sticky hooks, peel off the back cover, and stick them on the position marked on step 2. Press them and make sure there's no air inside the sticky patch. 
      4. Leave it for 24-48 hours, then hang the shelf on the hooks. 
            If installing on an uneven or painted wall, we suggest using expansion screws and a power drill:
              1.  Put the shelf where you need to install it and mark the screw holes with a pen. 
              2. Drill 6 mm holes with a power drill on the position marked on the last step. 
              3. Insert the expansion tubes into the holes.
              4. Put the shelf on, aim the expansion tubes with the screw holes, then tighten the screws.